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These Cases are in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Cases shown as No Filing are due to early intervention with Prosecuting Authorities to present exculpatory evidence.


  • People v. Gary W. - Plead to DUI. Hit and Run dismissed. Standard First DUI terms. 2015
  • People v. Andrew W. – Felony Sales of Methamphetamine. Probation and Community Labor. 2015
  • People v. Glen C. - Felony Vandalism. DEJ with restitution and dismissal within 1 year. 2015
  • People v. Yuliy M. – Misdemeanor Assault. Restitution and Reduce to Infraction within 1 year. 2015
  • People v. Rick C. – Motion for Return of Property ($21,000) Granted. 2015
  • People v. Ryan S. – Felony Possession of Controlled Substances for Sale. Plead to Misdemeanor Vandalism, Felony Drug Count Dismissed after 40 hours of community Labor. 2 years Summary Probation. 2015
  • People v. Noe M. – Multiple Counts Felony Drug Transportation for Sale (17 lbs. crack and methamphetamine) with prior Federal transport conviction. Faced 16 years State Prison. Plead to 2 counts. 3 years State Prison concurrent. 2015.
  • People v. PN – Felony Embezzlement. Restitution Negotiated with Victim and Paid in agreed upon amount. Reduced to Misdemeanor. 3 years Summary Probation. 2015
  • People v. James W. – Multiple Probation Violations on 2 DUI’s. 90 days inpatient rehab in lieu of jail and vacation of AB 1358 requirement. 2015
  • People v. Dereck A. – Battery Count Dismissed. 2 years Summary Probation remaining. All other conditions of probation fulfilled. 2015
  • People v. Marit W. – Felony Drug Charges Dismissed per DEJ. 2015
  • People v. Talya R. –  Convinced DA not to file Felony Embezzlement charges against client. No filing. 2015
  • People v. Omar M. –Felony Evading Police. Pending. 2015
  • People v. Randy K. – Lewd photos. 3 years Summary probation with Community Service. 2015
  • People v. Amber S. - 2d DUI and Probation Violation. Plead to Wet Reckless. 9 month Driver Safety and Community Service on PV. 2015
  • People v. Cajuan D. – Multiple Counts Felony Burglary with Multiple priors. Pending. 2015.
  • People v. Marquez A. – DUI. Pending. 2015
  • People v. Felipe A. – DUI with accident. Pending. 2015

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