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These Cases are in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Cases shown as No Filing are due to early intervention with Prosecuting Authorities to present exculpatory evidence.


  • P v LR, successful handling of DUI Investigation; Van Nuys DA reject; DMV license suspension.
  • P v CM, DUI with multiple injury counts and prior criminal record; plead to 1 count, 10 days county jail/time served, DUI driver safety program, HAMM, MAD, 5 years felony probation (Van Nuys).
  • P v CC, attempt armed robbery; faced 6 years state prison; negotiated 5 years probation with 180 county jail, dual diagnosis mental health program and reduced to attempt grand theft upon satisfactory completion of deferred judgement terms (Los Angeles/CSFCJC).
  • P v RT. successful handling of assault and battery investigation; charges not filed (Airport Court).
  • P v KS, successful handling of federal/state TSA drug trafficking investigation; no charges filed.
  • P v MT, successful handling of sexual assault of minor investigation; no charges filed (Ventura County).
  • P v SL, successful handling of sexual assault of minor investigation, no charges filed (San Diego).
  • P v LS, motion to vacate conviction, granted (San Fernando).
  • P v YA, INTERPOL request to access and delete files, pending.
  • US v USPV, negotiated corporate plea.
  • P v DB, petition to expunge, granted.
  • P v JH, petition to expunge, granted.
  • P v TO, petition to expunge, granted.
  • P v AG, petition to expunge, granted.
  • P v DF, petition to expunge, granted.
  • P v MS, petition to expunge, granted.
  • P v GH, motion for judicial diversion, granted; successful completion; case dismissed; arrest sealed (Van Nuys).
  • P v JM, motion for judicial diversion, granted; successful completion; case dismissed; arrest sealed (Airport Court).
  • In re BE, proceedings to revoke in-home foster care license; 2-year suspension after full hearing and can re-apply.
  • P v RM, assault with deadly weapon, pending (Los Angeles/CSFCJC).
  • P v AS, 89 defendant AG prosecution for fraud, money laundering, and grand theft, pending (Los Angeles/CSFCJC).
  • P v RR, DUI, pending (Airport Court).
  • P v DM, felony vandalism, deferred sentence for 18 months to complete program and reduce to misdemeanor upon successful completion (Van Nuys).
  • P v DL, 2nd DUI with .19 BAC and traffic collision, pending (Alhambra).
  • P v FC, 2nd DUI with .21 BAC and traffic collision, pending (Alhambra).
  • P v JR, 2 counts 1st degree residential burglary; motion for mental health diversion granted; client disappeared (Airport Court).
  • P v VR, Multiple defendant ADW and robbery, pending (Airport Court).
  • P v MP, assault with intent to commit felony/rape, pending (San Fernando).
  • P v BV, successful handling of minor involved sexual misconduct investigation, no case filed (Orange County).
  • P v LW, witness counsel, murder trial (Airport Court).
  • P v CO, client faced 3 counts home invasion robbery and 1 count first degree residential burglary, all strikes-serious and violent felonies. After conducting a 2 day preliminary hearing with multiple defendants and multiple alleged victims, all charges were dismissed against my client.
  • In re JD, Title IX, Alternate Resolution Agreement obtained; Title IX investigation stopped and no findings against client

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I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Caplan, and she is a great attorney.


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Sara always worked efforfully to obtain a great outcome for my brother. He was facing very serious criminal charges. The charges were dismissed after he completed a 1-year probation sentence.

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