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These Cases are in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Cases shown as No Filing are due to early intervention with Prosecuting Authorities to present exculpatory evidence.


  • P v TM, home invasion, first degree burglary and attempt carjacking. Faced 15 years state prison. Motion and Writ for Mental Health Diversion denied. Plead to First Degree Burglary. 5 years probation with 1 year residential dual diagnosis mental health/substance abuse program.

  • US v RH, faced 2 potential prosecutions for computer hacking with multiple enhancements and for child pornography with multiple enhancements. Faced 78 months Federal Prison. Negotiated to keep in one prosecution in one jurisdiction (Washington) with limited enhancements. 36 months in mental health program in Federal Bureau of Prisons.

  • P v GH, misdemeanor possession of brass knuckles (in domestic violence incident); Misdemeanor Judicial Diversion for 9 months.

  • P v AK, misdemeanor possession of nitrous, 2 cases. Misdemeanor Judicial Diversion, dismissed immediately with substantial compliance.

  • P v AK, multiple drug possession charges, No Filing.

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Ms. Caplan is an excellent attorney who is very responsive to her clients. She is always accessible. She is also very knowledgeable and experienced. She takes the time to fully explain procedures...


Criminal Defense Matter

I was charged with a serious felony and came to Ms. Caplan for legal representation. It was a difficult case to defend and one which had received a lot of negative media coverage, both local and...

Errol S.

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She is an instant wining defense attorney.


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Sara is the best. She is passionate and really cares about her clients and what is right. She takes her cases very personally and in this day and age to find an attorney who cares about her clients...


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Sara L. Caplan Esq. Is a terrific attorney and an all around wonderful person. She took great care of a family friend who was in a terrible situation. Sara went beyond mere duty to her client. She...

Michael J. (CEO Digital Evidence)

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I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Caplan, and she is a great attorney.


Criminal Defense Matter

Sara always worked efforfully to obtain a great outcome for my brother. He was facing very serious criminal charges. The charges were dismissed after he completed a 1-year probation sentence.

Steven A, Esq.

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Sara is extremely gifted attorney, with tons of experience and deep practical knowledge.


Criminal Defense Matter

Sara handled our case with the utmost care and professionalism that you could want . Her experience and intelligence, along with a wonderful heart make her the best lawyer I've ever been around.


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